3Com NBX Service & Support Update

During this slow time of the year, I thought it would be a good idea to update 3Com NBX owners on the status of product support for their PBX.

The NBX small business PBX product family has had a long, successful run over the last 12 years.  TeleDynamic has sold and supported the product since the very beginning in 1999.  

The Future of 3Com

At the time, it was a breakthrough product; the first VoIP telephone system in the marketplace. At the time we were evaluating the product, I was quite concerned about the reliability of the new technology as well as the physical hardware. Well, I have to hand it to the original NBX engineering crew as they built a rock-solid VoIP PBX the first time out. We have had very few outright PBX failure issues over the product’s lifespan.

However, as most NBX customers know, 3Com has reached the end of the road and was discontinued by HP shortly after they bought 3Com. In June 2010, they announced the end of life for the product line.

NBX Support Date Milestones

The below support schedule as provided by HP:

End Of Life Announcement June 1st, 2010
Last Date To Order New Systems July 30, 2010
Last Date for Critical Bug Fixes July 30, 2011
Last Date of HP Support Contracts July 30, 2012

What Does This Mean to NBX Owners?

TeleDynamic offers direct support plans to our 3Com NBX customers. We will continue to provide PBX support as long as we can provide quality service.  Fortunately, the NBX software is stable and we’ve got a decent stock of spare NBX parts. We’ll do our very best to provide NBX maintenance for as long as possible.

However, there will come a day when you’ll need to consider a new business PBX or PBX hosted solution. When you are ready (or just want to learn more), we’ll surprise you with a net savings over what you are paying monthly today on your telephone bill. Yes, it’s almost magic, but we’ll save that until you are ready!

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