Replace Analog & PRI Circuits with SIP Trunking and Save Money!

Are you still using old-fashioned PRI or analog lines for your San Francisco Bay Area business? Did you know that the monthly cost for analog phone service has gone up by 50% over the past two years? PRI’s have continued to get more expensive, too.

AT&T and the other phone companies don’t want to be in the business traditional phone service anymore – They’re old, inefficient, and costly to maintain. They want to put all of their investments into Internet circuits and mobile, so, they’re raising prices to force customers out.

Replace Your Old Business Phone Service with SIP Trunking!

SIP Trunking provides packet-based voice communications that are vastly more efficient and less expensive than old telephone lines.

With TeleDynamic SIP Trunking, you receive:

  • A Proven, Local Bay Area Provider Since 1979
  • Unlimited Calling
  • Local Bay Area Support
  • Less Expensive International Calls
  • Phone Numbers From Anywhere
  • Easy Transition to Virtual PBX
  • Fax Line Replacement

Bay Area SIP Trunking Provider

TeleDynamic is based in the San Francisco Bay Area and has been in business since 1979. We provide local on-premise consultation and support for our SIP Trunking service. Why entrust your communications to a distant startup organization?

Reliability & Redundancy

We are unique in providing high availability SIP Trunking. Every TeleDynamic customer is simultaneously connected to two geographically separate data centers and servers. In case of failure, calls are automatically re-routed. Where necessary, we will provide an optional voice gateway that will guarantee voice quality on your Internet connection. Our network backbone is on Level 3 , renowned for their superior VoIP quality.

Business Continuity

In the event of a PBX failure, power outage or building access issue, TeleDynamic can re-route your telephone calls automatically to our Virtual PBX, a second PBX, or to any phone number in the world.

Retain Your Current Phone Numbers

You can keep your telephone numbers (regular and toll-free) when you change to our VoIP service.

Order SIP Trunking in Increments of One

Unlike PRI , our SIP Trunks can be ordered in increments as small as one; allowing the exact number of call paths you require, without waste.

Discounted Toll-Free & International Calling

TeleDdynamic’s VoIP service saves money on toll-free calls. We also provide international rates that are substantially less expensive than your current traditional business phone service provider. Rates vary by country so contact us for a quote.

Phone Numbers From Anywhere

For inbound calls, you can choose a local phone number from any of our 9,000 U.S. locations and DID inventory of 100,000 numbers.

Voice Compression

TeleDynamic SIP Trunking provides two codecs to fit your requirements:

  • G.711 – Uncompressed voice for domestic phone calls
  • G.729 – For international calling to conserve valuable data bandwidth


Either convert to electronic fax or keep your existing fax machine, but eliminate your analog fax line with our SecureFax. It provides encrypted transmission, HIPAA compliant and saves you money.

Virtual PBX

Once you have SIP Trunking installed, you are halfway to a complete VoIP service, otherwise known as a Virtual PBX. At any time, you can eliminate your PBX, purchase VoIP telephones and have your service converted to TeleDynamic’s Virtual PBX service . There is no need for new contract terms, so the transition if easy and painless.


TeleDynamic’s SIP Trunk pricing is competitive with VoIP service providers. The difference is that we are a local business phone service provider with over 30 years in the telecommunications business. Our focus is on quality and hands-on customer service.

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