Is it time to replace your aging telephone and upgrade your data network?

Are you concerned that your data network and phone system have fallen behind, leaving your business stranded?

Do you find yourself with no support on your data network and a decrepit phone system?

TeleDynamic can offer you total peace of mind about your business’s technology needs with our managed voice and data network services.

What are Managed Voice and Data Network Services?

TeleDynamic’s Managed Voice and Data Network Services replaces all of your existing network hardware with a modern, voice‐enabled and cloud‐friendly, managed network. This new network is created with a standard configuration that is based on proven IT best practices.

Once installed, the network is monitored and maintained on an ongoing basis by TeleDynamic. And over time, if the network needs to be upgraded, TeleDynamic will do so at no extra charge.

Businesses that subscribe to our managed voice and network service get the following benefits:

  1. Predictable costs – no expensive replacements following a failure – instead, new equipment is replaced or upgraded as needed, without any change to your monthly bill.
  2. Service that is proactive, rather than reactive
  3. Professional IT staff available and accessible
  4. Fast response time
  5. One source solution – no need to deal with multiple voice and data vendors

Predictable Costs

We charge one monthly fee for all your voice and data network needs.

Many small businesses find themselves scrambling to do emergency repairs when their network fails.  The fix is often expensive, because they need to hire IT professionals to come in and figure out what went wrong. In addition, the network may be down for a long time, while the problem is diagnosed and fixed.

With managed services, a business pays a predictable, monthly service charge and TeleDynamic monitors the entire network to find and fix issues BEFORE they become problems that affect a business’s voice or data systems.

Solution that is proactive, rather than reactive

In the past, IT services were based on a reactive model. Which means, wait for something to break and then fix it. Modern networks are built so that IT services can be offered as proactive solutions.

We don’t have to wait until something is broken, we can install a modern network and then monitor it for potential issues.

Professional IT staff available and accessible

Small business owners frequently find that IT companies that don’t service small organizations. TeleDynamic is a San Francisco Bay Area‐based company whose focus is small business. Our staff is available and accessible to our customers. If you have a problem with your voice or data system, we’re available and we’ll come to you!

One source solution – no need to deal with multiple vendors

Most small businesses have to deal with several vendors for their voice and data needs.

With Teledynamic we handle it all, so there’s no annoying and time‐wasting coordination and finger-pointing.

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