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Phone Static IP and Extension Help

IP Phone Setup Guide

Phone Admin Guide 1.4


D40-D45 Quick Reference Guide

Phone Headset Compatibility

D50 Quick Reference Guide

D70 Quick Reference Guide

Switchvox Extension Owners Guide

Shrimp Diablo Recipe

Advanced IP Phone with 3 Lines & HD Voice SIP-T26P

Affordable SIP Phone for Business SIP-T42G

Affordable SIP Phone SIP-T41P

Executive IP Phone With 6 Lines SIP-T28

Gigabit Color IP Phone SIP-T32G

Gigabit Color IP Phone SIP-T38G

IP DECT Phone W52P

IP Phone with 2 Lines & HD Voice SIP-T21P

IP Phone With 3 Lines & Voice SIP-T22P

Revolutionary SIP Phone SIP-T46G

Revolutionary SIP Phone SIP-T48G

Expansion Module EXP38

LCD Expansion Module EXP39

LCD Expansion Module EXP40

IP Phone with 1 Line SIP-T19P

IP Phone with 2 Lines SIP-T20P

Yealink Phone Comparison

T4 Series Ultra-elegant IP Phone

Wireless Headset Adapter EHS36

Calling and Connecting Line Identification

EHS36 User Guide

EHS40 User Guide

EXP40 Quick Reference Guide

How to Make a Ringtone for SIP T2XP

How to Remote Reboot Phone Through SIP Message

LDAP Phonebook Yealink IP Phones

Open VPN Feature on Yealink IP Phones

Server Redundancy on Yealink IP Phones

SIP T46G IP Phone Administrator Guide

T19P and T19 User Guide

T20P Quick Reference Guide

T20P User Guide

T21P and T21 User Guide

T22P Quick Reference Guide

T22P User Guide

T26P Quick Reference Guide

T26P User Guide

T28P Quick Reference Guide

T28P User Guide

T2XP and T19P Administrator Guide

T32G Quick Reference Guide

T32G User Guide

T38G Quick Reference Guide

T38G User Guide

T3XG Administrator Guide

T42G User Guide

T46G Quick Reference Guide

T46G User Guide

T4X IP Phone Administrator Guide

W52P User Guide

Using BLF List Feature on SIP T2XP Phone

Using Call Completion SIP T2XP Phones

Using Call Recording on on SIP T2XP Phones

Using Distinctive Ringtone T2XP

Using Security Certificates on Yealink IP Phones

VLAN Feature on Yealink IP Phones

VP530 User Guide

W52P Quick reference Guide

Yealink Wireless Headset EHS36


Polycom Conference Phone Guide

Polycom VVX 600

Polycom VVX 500

Polycom VVX 400 and 410 Series

Polycom VVX 300 and 310 Series

SoundStation IP 5000 IP Conference Phone

SoundStation IP 6000 IP Conference Phone

SoundStation IP 7000 IP Conference Phone

Polycom VVX Color Expansion Module

Polycom VVX Expansion Module

5.0. UC Admin Guide

Wallmount Instructions

Soundpoint Admin Guide

Polycom IP 330 320 User Guide

Polycom IP 450 User Guide

Switchvox Polycom 550-560 User Guide

Soundpoint 450 Quick Users Guide

Soundpoint IP 550 User Guide

Switchvox Polycom 3xx User Guide

Sound Station 2 Wireless User Admin Guide

Switchvox Polycom 450 User Guide

Switchvox Polycom 650-670 User Guide

VVX 300-310 User Guide

VVX 400-410 User Guide

VVX 500-600 User Guide


Bria 3 Data Sheet

Bria Android Edition Data Sheet

Bria Desktop Screen Sharing Data Sheet

Bria iPhone Edition Data Sheet


SecureFax User Guide

SecureFax FaxCentral User Guide

SecureFax Activation Procedure

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