ICT – The New Name for IT When VoIP Arrives

The Future of IT Careers in California

This past November, Georgetown University published a study on career projections. In this study, Georgetown University highlighted technology job growth. Specifically in California, there is projected to be a 27% increase in IT jobs by 2018, the single largest growth of any career sector.

The reasons are obvious as technology continues to spread to every aspect of modern business.   

What is ICT?

I found it quite interesting is that the study used the term Information & Communications Technology with the synonym ICT. ICT has been used more frequently in the U.K. than in the U.S. but seems to be growing in popularity here.

There are large economic incentives to merge telephones onto the data network, as it eliminates the old telephone network so it has become a key IT initiative for many businesses. So, the IT job increasing includes communications technology skills needed to merge the two separate networks together and then maintain them on an ongoing basis.

This would indicate that the value of IT professionals would be enhanced with the addition of convergence skills into their repertoire. However, it has been my observation that many IT folks dislike working with business phone systems and phone networks. Of course, TeleDynamic is always ready to handle phone system support and phone network convergence tasks, but it might be career-wise for IT people to consider learning these valuable new skills.

Information & Communication Technology – you might want to get cozy with this new phrase and skills it requires. There could be money and advancement for those who do.

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