On the 12th Day of Christmas, VoIP Gave to Me… FMC

12 Drummers Drumming

11 days of birds, expensive jewelry, single women, acrobatic aristocrats and bad musicians, and we end with banging on drums?  What I wouldn’t give for a silent partridge and a glass of spiced rum about now.

Instead, VoIP is banging the drum hard for another new great technology.

Fixed Mobile Convergence

This is a relatively new VoIP feature in the telecommunications world. Fixed Mobile Convergence is the transition point that will finally remove the distinctions between fixed (PBX) and mobile networks. In layman’s terms, it’s basically integrating mobile phones with the business telephone system.

With FMC, a mobile phone user is able to:

  • Make, receive, transfer and record calls as if they were calling from their office extension
  • Check voice mail messages
  • Change call handling
  • Modify greetings
  • Access a phone directory
  • Review call history

The leader in this technology is Digium with their Switchvox Premise PBX. Switchvox Mobile applications run on a wide variety of devices.  iPhoneBlackberry, and Android all have Switchvox apps. In addition, the Switchvox has built-in mobile phone features. Combine them together and you have the leading Fixed Mobility Convergence solution in the marketplace.

If you are a company with a large workforce that splits their time between the office and in the field, Fixed Mobile Convergence provides for seamless communications regardless of their location or preferred communications device.  It’s worth checking out.

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