On the 8th Day of Christmas, VoIP gave to me….

Eight Maids a Milking!  I grew up on the farm, and I can speak from experience that’s a lot of milk!  The average cow in the United States produces 6.2 gallons of milk per day. That means 48 gallons of milk per day (and they don’t take holidays either!).

At the real risk of lactic overload, VoIP re-gifted the maids and provided me with the delightful alternative of Wideband Audio on my VoIP telephone system

What’s Wideband Audio?

Wideband audio is a technology that provides a high-quality telephone call. Traditional telephone systems and telephone company lines provide very poor call quality. There’s a reason nobody listens to music over their handset! VoIP has allowed the creation of wideband audio. Here are some listener benefits cited of wideband audio compared to traditional phone calls:

  • Clearer overall sound quality
  • Easier to recognize voices, distinguish confusing sounds, and understand accented speakers
  • Ease of deciphering words that have the close sounds of ‘s’ and ‘f’ and others, often indistinguishable over telephone lines.
  • Ability to hear faint talkers and to understand double-talk (when more than one person is speaking at the same time)
  • Reduced listening effort (decreased cognitive load), resulting in increased productivity and lessened listener fatigue

Wideband audio (or HD voice as Polycom calls it) is only available on VoIP telephones. Once you’ve heard wideband, you’ll never want to go back. That’s why we only offer telephones that support the wideband standard.   

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