Digium Switchvox Telephones Announced To Much Fanfare

Earlier today, Digium announced the the exciting release of a line of Digium business phones.  Previous to this announcement, Digium did not offer telephones, but rather utilized standard SIP phones provided by Polycom, Aastra, Snom, and Yealink amongst others, so this is big news.

The initial product line consists of the following:

  • Digium D40 Entry-Level Phone:  Two line keys and 180 X 90 pixel LCD screen.  $129
  • Digium D50 Mid-Level Phone:  Four line keys and 240 X 120 pixel LCD screen. $179
  • Digium D70 Executive/Receptionist Phone:  Six line keys and 320 X 160 LCD screen. Supports gigabit Ethernet. $279

All units are equipped with speakerphones, HD Audio and have a built-in headset jack.

Digium is rapidly becoming recognized as a leading business telephone systems provider and now that the company can offer a total Digium solution they are an even better positioned. 

In the past, Digium competitors such as Cisco, Shoretel and Avaya made the argument that the Digium Switchvox was an incomplete PBX since it did not include an end-to-end Digium solution.   However, we were able to successfully take that objection, turn it around and berate the Digium competitors as having proprietary, closed PBXes that robbed customers of choice and resulted in increased costs.  Well, now Digium has it both ways.  You have a choice between Digium SIP phones or third party SIP telephones, depending upon feature needs, budget and aesthetics.

I’m anxious to see the articles from the professionals who do VOIP phone reviews for a living and get their take on Digium’s phones. I would expect to see a very positive response from industry analysts as they continue to see the rapid develpment of a major new PBX provider.

It is my prediction, that with the addition of Switchvox phones, the popularity of the Switchvox PBX will will only be accelerated further. Last year Digium grew revenues by 40% year over year and the numbers will be even more impressive this next year.  

What are your thoughts?

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