PBX Comparison to Virtual PBX: Conclusion

So, What Is Right For You?

Virtual PBX system or A Small Business PBX?

If you’ve read the series of three blogs, we’ve covered lots of territory. You should be commended for your persistence and hard work in researching the best business telephone solutions available. 

After selling and supporting both Virtual PBX and premise PBX solutions for several years at TeleDynamic

I’ve found that there is no single answer that works for everyone. We even have customers who used a Virtual pbx solution for their branch locations and a premise PBX for headquarters. In that environment, they gain the flexibility and low up front cost for their branches while getting a robust PBX for the headquarter’s more demanding needs.  

Here’s the bottom line:

Premise-based PBX provide greater functionality

Virtual PBX provides greater flexibility

In review, here are the main decision points:

  • If you want to own it a long time, consider the premise PBX. It will likely be less expensive in the long run.
  • If you have a dynamic business, you should strongly consider Virtual. It will not cost you as much upfront and you can contract for less time.
  • If you want special services or customization, tilt towards the premise solution.    
  • If you want basic services— calls in, calls out — use Virtual PBX.

Consider the trade-offs and be clear on what you really must have in your system today and into the future.

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