Traditional PBX vs. Virtual: Recovery, Security & Upgrades

In Part II we covered PBX administration, PBX features and Internet bandwidth requirements. Well, we’re not done yet but we’re getting close. This is hard work, but in the end you’ll rest well knowing you’ve done the proper analysis before choosing your new small business PBX or Virtual PBX.

Disaster Prevention & Recovery

Virtual PBX provides superior disaster resilience to local issues such as power outages, building problems and natural disasters.  The remote hosted PBX can re-route calls to other numbers including mobile phones and other offices.  However, the hosted provider can experience their own disasters.  Each hosted provider has their unique resiliency.
A premise-based PBX with a separate voice circuit (PRI), is separate from your data network. If your data connection fails, your PBX is unaffected.  However, if your voice circuit or PBX stops functioning, you cannot make or receive phone calls.   Redundant hardware and circuits can lessen the chances of being totally down.


Virtual  Premise PBX
Security is primarily the responsibility of the hosted provider. You have more control of your security with a premise-based PBX.

Downsizing & Expansion

Virtual  Premise PBX
As a monthly service, most providers will allow you to increase or decrease subscribers easily. You’ll just need to provide the new phones. To expand, you’ll need to add phones and possibly licenses (dependent upon mfr). At some point you’ll have to add more voice circuit capacity.

 System Upgrades

Virtual  Premise PBX
Theoretically, hosted means that you are always on the latest and greatest software.  However, it’s up to the hosted provider to produce that software.  They may or may not be motivated to develop new software unless they charge for the new features PBX manufacturers are very motivated to develop new features to meet or beat their competitors.  Software features are typically richer on a premise PBX.  However, you must upgrade every time they provide a new software release.

Okay, we’ve made it through this exercise of reviewing the two business communication systems options available today.   In part IV, we do a review and summarize the pros and cons of the hosted PBX and premise-based PBX.

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