5 Tips for Getting the Most from Your 3Com NBX System

The 3Com NBX telephone system was introduced in 1999 and was the first serious IP PBX on the marketplace. TeleDynamic was a leading Bay Area provider of the system for many years. While 3Com was purchased by HP and the NBX declared obsolete, there are still a decent number of the systems performing admirably after all of these years.

In an ode to these loyal customers, I thought I’d provide some useful tips for getting the most out of your NBX system.

Tip #1: Keep It Clean

The NBX system is a bulletproof PBX. The systems continue to run year after year without any attention. The downside to that wonderful reliability record is that the system fills up with dust bunnies, which creates additional heat. Heat being the enemy of electronics, the longer the system goes un-cleaned, the shorter the lifespan. So, open that PBX and blow out all the dust

Tip #2. Make Sure You’ve Got A Working UPS

Every piece of electronics should be protected by a battery backup system (UPS), especially an old piece of gear that is even more vulnerable to damage by electrical spikes. It is quite possible that your UPS was installed at the same time as your NBX. Unless you’ve changed batteries, it’s likely dead. Check it out.

Tip #3. Current Database Backup

Unless you make frequent changes to your system or have set the system up to do automatic backups, there’s a good chance that you don’t have a good backup of your data. It’s a simple task and is usually completed in less than an hour. Just make sure you do it after hours when people are not on the phone.

Tip #4. Consider Upgrading to SIP Trunking

If you haven’t changed your telephone company circuits in a few years, you are probably over-paying for your monthly phone service. We can provide SIP trunking service on your old NBX and you can save money.

Tip #5. Re-Design Your System

When you had your NBX installed, you likely went through a rigorous process of defining your call handling needs and the system was carefully programmed to best suit your needs. Fast forward to 2012 and your business has probably changed a lot since you installed your system. Review your call handling needs today and you’ll likely be able to re-program your old NBX to better suit your needs.


In summary, these are a few of the ways to squeeze some more value out of your loyal and reliable 3Com NBX phone system. Let us know how we can help.

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