Unified Resilient Communications: Future-Proofing Your Phone Network

VoIP allows telephones to work on an IP network to maximize efficiency and save money. Unified Communications is the concept of tying voice, data and video together in ways that provide real benefits to today’s businesses. By way of definition, UC leverages messaging, presence, VoIP, mobility and data integration. Let’s take a deeper look.

Unified Messaging  

If you have to check email, work voicemail, and your mobile voice mailbox on a regular basis, you are a candidate for Unified Messaging. UM consolidates the various messages into a single user interface, accessible via your PC, laptop, mobile phone or tablet. Your message center follows you wherever you are and whatever device you use.

Data Integration  

Unified Communications means that records can be retrieved based upon a caller’s phone number. Phone numbers can be dialed directly out of databases and Outlook. Contact information, notes, and appointment information can automatically appear when a call arrives.  


Presence is the ability to see the status of other individuals. This can be as simple as a simple indication that the person is on the phone. Or it could be much more detailed in nature by providing information on the activity the person is engaged, their physical location and type of device they are using. 


The ability to have voice on an IP network means that voice is available at any location with a suitable data connection, including mobile. This translates into being “connected” to your company no matter your physical location. People calling into a business can reach their desired party regardless of the person’s location, whether it be at home, on the road or in a branch office. VoIP cuts down communication blackouts for people on the go. You remain connected regardless of where you are.


Mobile phones, especially smartphones have changed the way people work. However, until now, they have not been tied into the corporate communications system. Unified Communications changes that as the mobile phone effectively becomes an extension of the corporate PBX. This means that callers don’t need to dial two different numbers to track down an individual and voice mail messages all land in the same mailbox.

Unified Communications allows real-time collaboration, o matter the location of an individual. Work gets completed at any accelerated pace. Getting more done in a day directly translates into productivity improvements and more profits to the bottom line.

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