Using VoIP to Improve Your Business Communications

IP (Internet Protocol) has long been the dominant standard for data networks and has now become the universal standard for voice communications too. It is this powerful convergence of data, PBX and smart phones that is allowing businesses to improve productivity and save money.

Previously, phone systems and data systems were separate islands that shared no common language.   There was no way to combine them to create a unified system. Today, with the power of VoIP, the phone system and wireless devices are being absorbed into the data network.  Information can be shared and communications maintained regardless of location or device.

Here are some of the leading benefits:

Greater Bandwidth   

Combining your voice and data traffic improves efficiency. Customers can spend the same amount and get a larger internet connection or save money by eliminating the voice service. Converged voice and data also can also easily provide superior resiliency compared to dedicated voice and data circuits. And with the rapid adoption of 4G, there is yet another opportunity to leverage technology to improve speed and service.

Unified Communications

Unified communications combines email, voice mail, chat, and fax into a single user portal, where you can see all forms of communications at once. Use your computer, smart phone, laptop or tablet and stay in touch regardless of your location.

Simplified Administration

Combining voice on your data network simplifies the day-to-day tasks of administration. Changes can be made much quicker, typically without the need for outside vendor assistance.

Location Doesn’t Matter

More and more, business is an activity, not a place.  Employees can conduct business from the office, home and in the field effortlessly with VoIP.  Travel time and costs can be reduced and productive time increased, allowing your employees to get more done in a day.

Less Hardware and Maintenance

VoIP allows you to eliminate racks of proprietary hardware and replace it with cost-effective software or communications as a service (otherwise known as “hosted PBX”).

No More Rip and Replace

Many times I tell customers that “this is the last phone system you’ll ever buy”. Unlike proprietary PBXes VoiP works on a universal standard which means that components and software can be replaced or upgraded without starting from scratch.  Your communications can  evolve as new technologies are developed and your needs change over time. You are not locked into a single manufacturer solution any more.

The Phone Company Has Gone IP

Telephone companies are no longer telephone companies. They are rapidly becoming providers of IP and mobile services. And the U.S. government is encouraging them to move even more forcefully in that direction to modernize American data infrastructure. Before long, voice circuits will be a thing of the past.


Companies large and small alike are discovering the substantial benefits of VoIP. From the productivity gains of unified communications, saving money on monthly expenses and simplified administration, it’s a big winner.   

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