Digium Contacts Application Makes Finding People a Breeze

Find Your Contacts Quickly and Easily with Digium

Have you ever had to search through some clunky company directory to find someone’s extension?

Have you ever just wanted to leave a quick voice mail for someone and not have a drawn out conversation about it?

The new Digium phones have a lot of great features but the one that I like the best is the Digium Contacts Application. 

Here are 5 features of the Contacts App that I really like. 

1. Multiple Phonebooks

You can have up to 1,000 contacts set up in multiple phone books including custom phone books that only you can see and use. You can set up any of your phone books to be part of the Rapid Dial feature as well. 

2. View Status of Contacts Right From the Phone

3. Searching Contacts is Powerful and Easy

Have you ever wanted to talk to someone but were not sure of their last name? No problem. With Digium Contacts, you just input the first couple letters of the first OR the last name or even their initials and Digium’s powerful filtering technology will locate the contact you need immediately. 

4. Dial Directly to Voicemail

So it’s no secret why texting has become so popular. Sometimes you just want to leave a quick message or communication to someone instead of having a long, drawn-out conversation. With Digium Contacts, you can choose to dial directly to their voicemail! Then you just leave a quick message and that’s it. Quick, clean and efficient. 

5. Additional Contact Info

You may need to know some additional information about your contacts such as their email address, office location or title. All of this information and more is easily accessible to through the Digium Contacts app. 

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