SMB IT Trends Continue to Move To the Cloud

At Teledynamic, we see a lot of IT trends play out in the real world with our SMB customers.

And one of the most most pervasive trends has to be the relentless move move toward the cloud for many of our customer’s basic IT and application needs. 

This great survey from Spiceworks discusses adoption rates of some of the major cloud trends such as email in the cloud, file sharing and productivity suites.

3 Digium Switchvox Features That Help You Operate Better in the Cloud

As the trend continues onward and upward so to speak, Digium Switchvox/Asterisk also continues to roll out great cloud features that take advantage of this big productivity trend.

Here are three particularily cool features: 

1. Digium Switchvox Converged Phones

If you often take business calls on other Switchvox extensions, a mobile phone, a home phone, or anywhere else, you’ll want to know more about how to converge those phones with your main Switchvox extension.

You can get some great benefits out of this:

  • All voicemail messages and faxes go to your main phone’s Switchvox mailbox.
  • That phone’s Caller ID is that of your main phone
  • That phone’s call logs are included in your main phone’s call logs.
  • In your Switchboard, you can select that phone to ring when you use Switchboard’s click-to-call (Options > My Phone).
  • In another person’s Switchboard, you appear busy on your main phone if you are on a call with that phone. With the correct permissions, your call information is visible and it can be recorded, monitored, whispered, or barged into
  • In your InCall Menu, you can easily transfer calls between your Converged Phones.

2. Create an iCal Appointment Reminder 

How would you like to have your server call you to remind you of your next meeting, or even automatically join you with your next conference call right on time? Now you can with the Digium Switchvox iCall Appointment Reminder System

For example, ten minutes before an event that’s scheduled in your calendar, your Switchvox PBX can call to remind you. If you have the conference call phone number in the meeting description, you can have the Switchvox PBX call you back and connect you to that number at the meeting time! It will even read to you any pin or extensions found in the meeting description before connecting you to the call.

3. Email and Voice Message Integration

Enabling your email with voicemail messages as attachments has been around for a long time. But now Switchvox can natively store your voicemail messages in IMAP instead of the standard file structure. 

This allows additional voice mail funcationality such as:

  • Listening to a voicemail recording email on the phone will set its state to “read” in a user’s mailbox automatically.
  • Deleting a voicemail recording email on the phone will delete it from your email inbox automatically.
  • Accessing a voicemail recording email message will turn off the message waiting indicator (MWI) on the user’s phone.
  • Deleting a voicemail recording email will also turn off the message waiting indicator, and delete the message from the voicemail system.

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