Introducing TeleDynamic’s Resilient Voice Architecture for Virtual PBX

Is Virtual VoIP Technology As Good as Traditional Voice?

As a long-time Business VoIP Provider, one of the most common questions we get from customers is whether Virtual VoIP call quality and reliability is as good as traditional phone service.

The honest answer is, Virtual VoIP quality can be superb if it’s set up properly.

Unlike traditional voice lines, hosted VoIP quality and reliability is determined by several variables. 

What are the Main Variables that Effect VoIP Call Quality?

There are two primary variables that can effect call quality- internet connection and network reliability.

1. Internet Connection

While it may sound obvious that you need a quality internet connection, not all internet connections are created equal. Many don’t have the low latencylow jitter and limited packet loss capability to work well for voice calls. So having a high quality data circuit that can reliably handle voice is key.

2. Network Reliability

One of the reasons why traditional voice circuitry was so reliable was because it was built for one thing and one thing only- initiating, maintaining, and closing a voice conversation between two parties. That was it. The same goes for data networks. Original data protocols were never designed for the real time, synchonous demands of voice communications. 

VoIP technologies attempt to bridge that gap between the two worlds. So if your data networks are not set up to handle voice, you’re going to have reliability problems. 

Get the Best of Both Worlds with TeleDynamic’s Resilient Voice Architecture

TeleDynamic has invested considerable time and resources, working with carriers and equipment providers to develop a resilient Virtual PBX solution that not only matches, but exceeds traditional voice reliability and quality.

Introducing TeleDynamic’s Resilient Voice Architecture for Virtual VoIP

Here’s how we do it:

1. Redundant Data Circuits

Our solution starts with two data circuits into the customer premise. 

Primary Data Line

  • The main function of the primary data circuit is to transport data….fast. It’s built for accessing the web and transporting your files and emails as quickly as possible.
  • It’s a relatively inexpensive circuit from the carriers and so we can pass that lower cost on to you.
  • Data is carried on a ‘best efforts’ basis. This means that you may experience momentary loss of connection but because it carries data, that doesn’t usually matter.

Primary Voice Line

  • The main function of the Primary Voice Line is to transport voice packets over IP protocol.
  • It’s a higher quality data circuit- lower latency, lower jitter, etc.
  • It has built-in Quality of Service protocols for voice packets. In other words, it prioritizes voice over email packets.
  • The service is backed by a Service Level Agreement (SLA) that guarantees specific levels of up-time and reliability.
  • It’s more expensive.

2. Voice Gateway

TeleDynamic’s Voice Gateway is a thing of beauty. Frankly, it’s where all the magic happens. The gateway is programmed to monitor the circuits and provides real-time failover support for both voice and data.

During normal use, your file transfers, email, and internet traffic gets routed over the Primary Data Line and your voice traffic goes over the Primary Voice Line.

But when there is a circuit failure, the Voice Gateway can simply reroute traffic to the other line- in real time.

You may not even notice. 

3. Quality Hosted PBX Carriers

TeleDynamic sells Virtual VoIP solutions to local Bay Area California customers. Our solution uses only the best data circuit providers out there. We demand strict SLA’s, tight technical specs, and great customer service because we know our customers demand it as well. 


With our Resilient Voice Architecture, we’ve transformed a problem- network reliability- into a solution that provides greater reliability than even the traditional PBX. At the same time, we provide greater internet bandwidth at a lower cost, again also fully redundant. What a beautiful thing.

Everybody wins.

Our customer enjoys world-class call quality, incredible uptime and lower overall monthly costs.

Plus we get less emergency service calls. Also a beautiful thing! 😉

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