In this last part of the interview we talk to Angie Reed about some of the great things that are in store for Switchvox at Astricon 2012 as well as Angie Reed’s wish list of features she’d like to see in Switchvox product in the future. 

You can access the first part of the interview here and the second part here.

Video Transcription

Randy: That’s Great. So with Astricon coming up, I would imagine there are some announcements coming up. I can also imagine that you want to keep those secrets until our big event here this next week. But you did elude to the fact that the market is growing and the Switchvox needs to grow up a little bit, get into larger sizes. Anything else that Angie Reed sees on her wish list?

Angie: Good question. We have a unique customer base for Switchvox. I think something you wouldn’t see with our proprietary vendors. In the sense in that we have people that do want to provide detailed customization for their networks and that can be writing custom integrations with Switchvox  and other third party applications or even taking those types of solutions to the desk phones, so we will continue to develop the product to our developers and those  tech savvy people to have that flexibility readily available to them.

So you’ll see some announcements along that line for our technical crowd at Astricon and then also to my personal wish list I would love to see us focus on specific industries and proving solutions that could be tailored for specific industries and markets out there.

Randy: Great. Well thank you so much again. We’ve been speaking with Angie Reed, product marketing manager for Digium. Angie obviously Digiums is on a fast track here very financially stable and successful company growing by leaps and bounds it looks like the Switchvox has a very bright future in front of it.

Angie: Thank you Randy.

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