Superstorm Sandy Raises Awareness of Need for Telecom Disaster Recovery

Sandy Served as a Wake Up Call for Telecom Industry

Superstorm Sandy certainly served as a wake-up call to the hosted server and PBX disaster recovery planners world wide. The storm was immense. It affected the entire Eastern seaboard of the United States and reached as far inland as Cleveland. And it did have serious, yet temporary affects on much of the region’s telecommunications infrastructure. 

Many Carrier and Cloud Service Providers Were Affected

Many carriers, data centers and hosted PBX providers were affected – especially in the New York and New Jersey areas. 

Shoretel Sky Facility Wasn’t Ready 

Shoretel, a telecom hardware manufacturer and hosted PBX provider, had some serious issues at their Shoretel Sky Hosted PBX data center in Manhattan.

Shoretel Sky is the newly renamed hosted PBX product after Shoretel’s acquisition of M5 Networks earlier this year. After the acquisition, Shoretel began work to update its “geographic redundancy’ but it wasn’t planned to come online until 2013 – too late to help their customers. 

Voice Communications Are Vulnerable During a Disaster

What Sandy showed is that voice communications can be vulnerable. And unlike data that can be backed up, loss of voice communications can have an immediate impact.

Companies still often neglect setting up voice line redundancy in the event of a natural disaster. 

If you lose your telephones for an hour, a day, a week…what would that do to your bottom line? If your phones are important to your business, then you are putting your business at risk by not having a disaster recovery plan for your critical lines. 

  • Will your office be unreachable? 
  • Do you have a plan in place for employees? 
  • Does your company have customers calling from around the world for sales and/or service? 
  • Where will those calls go in an emergency?

Voice Redundancy Services Can Help

TeleDynamic’s Voice Redundancy Service is designed for business customers whose telecom 
service is critical for normal day-to-day operations.

Our Voice Redundancy Service significantly increases reliability and survivability during unexpected circumstances related to PRI circuit, PBX, electrical failure, or other building issues that can threaten business continuity.

TeleDynamic’s Voice Redundancy Service includes the following:

  • Protects against PBX and electrical failure, as well as facility emergencies
  • Does not require costly (legacy) analog line cards
  • Customer maintains complete control over routing options
  • During an event, calls can be redirected to a secondary office, a cloud-based auto attendant, or directly to mobile phones
  • Reduces the need for decision making when a disaster occurs.
  • Costs less than other currently available options

Contact TeleDynamic About Getting Voice Redundancy Service

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