3 Ways SMBs Can Benefit from Cloud-Based Phone Systems

Are Voice Systems Still Relevant? Of Course!

Small and medium-sized business owners are always looking for ways to save or improve the efficiency of their company operations.

Having the right phone system can make a world of difference.

Sure, many customers and companies have a made a transition to communications online through social media and email, but phone communications haven’t gone out the window.

In fact, one 2011 study found that the telephone is the preferred contact channel for 1 in 3 customers and 39 percent of consumers believe it to be the most effective channel for service. Customers like using the phone to stay connected to businesses, so having the right phone system is crucial.

So before you buy, consider these three ways SMBs can benefit from cloud-based phone systems.

Cloud-Based Phone Systems Decrease Costs

A cloud-based phone system can save your business money – straight up.

With the right virtual phone system in place, your small or medium-sized business will get the same features you would have if you had invested more money in a high-tech and high-maintenance phone system.

You won’t need the same equipment either. With a cloud-based system, you just need the phone and an internet connection, not a phone closet, switchboard, or wiring system like you would with a more traditional landline.

Cost Saving Tip: Be sure you take a close look at whether or not your phones will be included in the pricing, if there are activation fees, and if the administrative portal is easy for your own staff to make routine additions or changes to. 

Cloud-Based Phone Systems Increase Flexibility

Whether you have a lot of remote employees or are simply looking for a way to stay connected to your business line from anywhere, cloud-based phone systems can help you do just that.

Various VoIP phone systems or virtual PBX systems can forward calls to a computer, land line or mobile device. This feature is great if your team is not always at the same location during working hours as the system will find an available staff member to provide support.

Remember, customers are using the phone to connect with your business and with so much on the plate of SMB owners, a flexible phone system can help your business exceed the expectations of customers who call.

Flexibility Tip: Consider the must have features for your business, whether it’s automated answering and call redirecting or provider customer service and cost. Then, look for a provider that offers the features and flexibility you’re after.

Cloud-Based Phone Systems Improve Efficiency

Routing phone system management is nearly eliminated should your business use a cloud-based phone system. Different virtual phone system providers offer different services, but often any management or maintenance required is done by the provider.

This takes your focus off a distraction and keeps it one the core of your business.

Small and medium-sized business owners already have a lot on their plate and telephone communications can be removed from that list with a cloud-based system.

Efficiency Tip: Make sure the provider you are considering gives you tools that are easy to access, use for administrators, employees and end customers.


While a cloud-based phone system isn’t for every business, such as those with poor internet connections, many SMBs will find that a virtual phone system is one way their business can cut communication costs while improving the overall efficiency and flexibility of their staff and business.

When customers are trying to reach your business over the phone, staying connected with a virtual phone system will allow your staff to be available for excellent customer service, no matter where they are located.

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Erica Bell is a small business writer who focuses on topics such as phone systems information and small business call centers. She is a web content writer for Business.com.

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