The Evolution of the Business Phone System: Part 3

Since we opened our doors 30 years ago, the biggest changes have been in the speed of innovation. Buyers of business phone systems are hesitant to commit to anything – you never know when a new technology or will make its predecessors obsolete, and no one wants to be caught holding a large bill for outdated hardware. 

Here in the San Francisco Bay Area we live in the crucible of technological change, so as a provider of business telephone systems, we need to be prepared to accommodate the early adopters with the latest technology at the best possible rate.

Three Things to Please Communication Customers

To hedge their bets against rapidly changing technology, our Bay Area business communication customers shop for three things:


Just as voice over IP (VoIP) integrates voice and data, other office technologies are being integrated into a common data infrastructure. For example, integration with Outlook to manage telephone, mail, and calendar applications, or integration with enterprise CRM software can have a big impact on operational efficiency. More customers are seeking business telephony solutions that integrate with cloud-based applications such as Salesforce. Often, that means planning for an unknown future; customers want to have open systems to integrate with new solutions, even when they aren’t sure exactly what those solutions might be.

Unified Communications

You can think of unified communications as a different form of integration. The whole concept of unified communications is to provide seamless communications across platforms. You may start with a text exchange with a colleague that escalates to a phone conversation and them evolves to a video session where you exchange ideas over a digital whiteboard. Unified communications is all about real-time collaboration using whatever communications technology you have at hand – voice, video, text, file transfer, calendaring, you name it. More of our customers are looking for open communications options that allow you to communicate in multiple ways on multiple devices.

Simplified Management

 As telecommunications becomes more integrated and more complex, our customers are also demanding that we decrease management time devoted to telcom. Businesses have been cutting back on their IT staff during the recession and customers continue to outsource their IT and telephone support. Businesses are learning to do more with less, and that means finding telephone solutions that don’t require a lot of in-house management.

A Telecomm Partner You Can Trust

All of this is good news for TeleDynamic Communications. It puts us in a better competitive position to aid Bay Area businesses with comprehensive, hosted communications services to meet their needs. We worry about staying current with the latest telephone technology, integration, management, and maintaining connectivity so our clients don’t have to.

As telecommunications continues to change and migrate to the cloud, it’s important to find telecomm partners you can trust to keep you current with the latest technology. That’s why our customers love TeleDynamic Communications.

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