The Small Business Advantage with Virtual PBX: Customers Want More Personal Service

When it comes to customer service, smaller is better. That’s the consensus of consumers nationwide; they would rather work with a small business because they get better attention and better service. That’s as true in the San Francisco Bay Area as anywhere else, especially in the area of hosted PBX providers for small business.

Why do we have an advantage over our larger, publicly traded competitors?

 I like to think that as a strictly Bay Area hosted PBX provider, we offer more customer attention and are better able to meet each customer’s unique business needs. We don’t have cookie-cutter packages, and we never adopt a “take-it-or-leave-it” attitude. We like to think that our commitment to service is one of the distinctions we offer when providing business phone services to small businesses throughout the Bay Area.

According to a survey by American Express:

  • 80 percent agree that small, independently or locally owned businesses provide better service, and 37 percent strongly agree;
  • 76 percent agree that small businesses better understand their customers’ needs, and 33 percent strongly agree;
  • 72 percent agree that small businesses know their products better, and 29 percent strongly agree.

One of the areas where small businesses excel is in customer relations. We pride ourselves on providing personalized service when it comes to managing your hosted PBX business system, and consumers generally agree that small businesses are better at providing customized service. According to a survey by

  • 71 percent say small business anticipates their needs vs. 41.8 percent for big business.
  • 63.9 percent say small business anticipates their problems vs. 33.8 percent for big business.
  • 68 percent say small businesses followup vs. 30.5 percent for big business.
  • 96.9 percent say smaller businesses say, “thank you”  vs. 80.8 percent for big business

Since we like to think we form a working partnership with our customers, they often are willing to spend more money. Price is always a factor (52 percent of consumers always go with price over service), but by staying competitive, we can deliver more service with better returns.

According to the American Express survey:

  • 41 percent are willing to spend more with a smaller company that provides excellent service
  • Only 9 percent are willing to spend more with a larger company, but
  • 50 percent say there is no difference in their willingness to spend more for service.

So we work to compete with the big guys of hosted PBX phone systems on both price and performance. We have been providing state-of-the-art phone systems to Bay Area businesses for more than 30 years. And as a smaller business ourselves we understand the needs of our customers, and how to deliver right-sized, cost-effective VoIP telephone services as a leading hosted PBX provider.

So let’s hear it for us smaller guys! We are agiler and more attentive to our customers’ business needs, and isn’t that what winning business relationships are all about.

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