Save Money Through SIP Trunking Your Old Phone System

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SIP Trunking on Legacy Phone Systems

If you’re interested in the cost saving benefits of SIP Trunking but aren’t ready to give up your old PBX just yet, you’re in luck. We can help you save money with your legacy phone system.

SIP Trunking on Legacy PBX

To utilize SIP trunking on a PBX connected to analog lines or a PRI, a gateway is needed to convert the SIP signal coming in from the Internet back into the old school PRI or analog connection. 

From the diagram, you can see a voice gateway placed in-between your Internet service provider and your PBX. What’s nice about the gateway is that when you’re not using the phones, it manages your available bandwidth to increase the speed for your regular data applications when employees aren’t using the phones.

3 Benefits to Keep Your Existing Phone System

  • No new training
  • No new capital outlay (other than the SIP/Analog Gateway)
  • No reprogramming of phones

4 Benefits of Using SIP Trunking to Replace traditional trunks

  • Monthly savings of up to 50%
  • Choose local phone numbers from anywhere in the US/Canada
  • Allow easy migration to Hosted or Premise VoiP phone system when ready
  • Easier to provision new lines

Plumbed for the Future

One of the great benefits of installing SIP trunks at your business today is that you will be fully prepared for the future. The phone companies, with the full support of the United States Federal Government, have anticipated the shutdown of the old analog communication system for 2020. While this is still a few years away, it shows the inevitable direction towards VoiP and the ultimate demise of analog and PRI circuits. The phone companies are demonstrating their strategy by steadily raising the price of these circuits, sometimes up to twice per year. The fact is that the vast majority of businesses will have converted to VoiP well in advance of 2020. Why spend a premium to maintain your old analog and PRI circuits, when you could move to current technology now?

In our next blog in this series, we will be reviewing what to do with your other analog devices once you make the switch to SIP Trunking. Come back to learn what to do after you leave the phone company!

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