SIP Trunking: What About My Other Analog Devices?

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SIP Trunking cannot be used to replace analog lines that are being used for your fax machine, alarm company connection and credit card machine. Fortunately, the Internet provides alternative solutions for these devices also


You have two options:

  1. You can replace your fax by using your computers to make and receive faxes. This is called eFax.
  2. You can install an Ethernet adaptor which converts your faxes into Internet transmissions. You would retain your existing fax machine.


Here too, you have options:

  1. Credit card processors now provide Internet-based credit card machines. Just swap out your analog unit for a newer device.
  2. You could consider using a service, such as Square, which turns your smartphone or tablet into a credit card reader.
  3. Lastly, you have the option of entering credit card information via your credit card processor’s payment portal.


You guessed it; you have options here also:

  1. Modern alarm systems have Ethernet connectivity.
  2. Many alarm systems also have a cellular connection.

Summary of Options for Analog Devices After Moving to SIP Trunking

In addition to converting your existing voice lines to SIP trunking, you can also migrate your other devices away from analog connections. At approximately $40 per analog line per month, you can again save a considerable amount of money on a monthly basis by doing away with them.

In our next blog in this series, we will be going over costs involved with SIP Trunking. Get an idea on what it would cost your organization! 



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