AT&T Business Line Price Increase

The Rising Price of AT&T Business Phone Lines

If you pay your AT&T business phone bill without thinking twice, it’s high time to take a closer look at your monthly bill. Simply put, you’re paying more than you should and your business deserves far better.

We’ve noted the onslaught of price increases with AT&T before, but now it’s imperative to examine what your company is being charged. 

The following price increases were announced in AT&T customers’ November 2014 phone bill:

  • The monthly rate for business access lines will increase from $52.25 to $65.00 on 2/1/15.
  • The monthly rate for PBX Trunks will increase per trunk, from $52.25 to $65.00 on 2/1/15.

The following price increases were described in AT&T customers’ September phone bill:

  • Local toll (IntraLATA) Day, Evening, and Weekend per minute in-state rates will increase from $1.10 to $1.30 on 1/12/2015.
  • Local Usage and Zones 3 rates will increase on 1/1/2015 as follows:
    • Local Usage (Zones 1 & 2) Day, Evening, Night & Weekend initial and additional minutes from .118 to .150.
    • Zone 3 Day, Evening and Night & Weekend initial and additional minutes from .118 to .150.

All in all, this translates into a huge increase in your AT&T phone bill in 2015.

  • The price per phone line has risen by 24%
  • The price per minute has risen to 18% to 27%

By now, you’ve probably grown used to the endless march of increased prices on AT&T analog and digital (PRI) business lines. Even if you are not an AT&T customer, your telephone company has likely raised prices, as they buy service from AT&T.  

As has been posted on this blog several times, AT&T is getting out of the business of providing traditional telephone service. Their motives as they exit the industry, have become crystal clear.

Your Solution to AT&T Business Phone Price Increases

So, what’s the answer? Customers can add SIP Trunking to their existing telephone system, thus replacing the AT&T circuits. SIP Trunking pricing is considerably less than AT&T business phone lines.  Or, you can convert to a Virtual (Hosted) PBX. While changing phone systems is never fun, it’s becoming easier. Not to mention, the conversion savings are especially motivating with this latest price increase. 

Years ago, TeleDynamic sold phone systems. Now, we are in the business of saving customers on their San Franciso business telephone service. Business communication solutions where everyone wins, except the phone company. We like our business a lot these days, as we are putting smiles on our customer’s faces instead of feeling guilty about having them write us big checks.

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