Digium Respoke Wins TMC Product Award

Digium Receives the WebRTC Product of the Year Award

Two years ago, at the Digium Switchvox Partner Advisory Council Meeting, Digium expressed great interest in an exciting new technology called WebRTC and spent considerable explaining it to the Switchvox Dealer Principals.  At this year’s meeting, they announced a new group within Digium who would specialize in the development of WebRTC. Thus was Respoke born, explained simply on their website, “Add live voice, video, text and data features to your website or app.”

Digium has always been the leading innovator in open source business telephone systems, so the WebRTC communication-centric project was natural for them. WebRTC does not replace the business phone system, but rather is an additional communications tool available to business.I would look for Digium to incorporate WebRTC in future products, embracing rather than competing with this new technology.

In further proof of Digium’s commitment to this new technology, on March 19th, 2015, they were recognized as a WebRTC Product of the Year winner. 

Web Real-Time Communication (WebRTC) Defined

WebRTC is an open-source project created by Google in 2011 that embeds real-time voice, data, video and instant messaging on web browsers. Users communicate using voice, text and video communications without installing specialized apps or utilities. Developers can use the WebRTC Web API to create applications with minimal development time. WebRTC is supported by Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Opera. Microsoft and Cisco have also announced their intent to support WebRTC

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