Do You Practice Conference Call Etiquette?

The Struggle is REAL with Conference Calls

You’re on a conference call. A simple, yet extremely meaningful and vital business practice turns into the most frustrating 30 minutes to an hour of your work day.  Truth be told, as much as business communications have shifted these days, you’re likely on a conference call more than a few times per week. If you’re lucky enough to have not had a bad experience, let me enlighten you on what many face – blaring conference call faux paus like participants speaking outside of the call without being on mute (ouch!), participants not paying attention and having to have a question line or statement repeated, participants coming in late and disrupting conversation, and typing or engaging in other activities while on the call

Aside from faux paus, let’s consider the basic awkawardness of a conference call, like talking over one another, inviting that person to go ahead, they tell you to go ahead (you get the picture), delays in conversation delivery, technology blips, and unexpected background noises.

Tips for Conference Call Etiquette

I recently was browsing and came across this great video by Digium regarding Conference Call Etiquette and felt very compelled to share. I learned some great conference call tips, and I’m confident that you will, too. Leave a comment below about what your favorite piece of advice was. While you’re at it, share one of your most interesting conference call experiences, too!

Need a Laugh?

This video gets me every single time. It oh, so clearly depicts the struggles that we go through on conference calls. Can you relate?

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