Is a Softphone Right for Your Business?

Technology has evolved immensely, especially over the last few years. Given the frequency of changes and new products available in the tech industry, you may not know the advances that are available to enhance your business and personal life. Digium’s UC Tech Chat has been posting a solid series of videos that educate consumers on trends, technological advances, and similar business-friendly information. One video that recently caught my eye is a video that explains Softphones.

What’s a Softphone?

When you hear Softphone, you may naturally assume that a Softphone is an actual phone, but it’s not. A Softphone is a software program or app, such as Google Voice, that allows you to make phone calls over VoIP. Essentially, you download and install an app, and utilize its features via the Internet from your smartphone, desktop computer, or laptop.

The benefits of Softphones are numerous, including cost savings and ease of communications. However, there are some drawbacks, too – like dependency of an Internet connection to utilize its benefits.

Would your business communications benefit from the use of a Softphone? Find out it’s benefits by watching the below video.

Does your organization use Softphones for day-to-day operations?  We’d love to hear thoughts and

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