In our last blog post, we introduced TeleDynamic customers to the new Switchvox 6.0 Software Release. It is a major upgrade of nearly all of the underlying technologies of Switchvox. What do these new technologies mean for you, the customer? It means you have a lot of powerful new capabilities that you’ll start seeing soon. 

Here is a description of some of the new features available in Switchvox 6.0, with the promise of many more arriving soon, once again propelling the Switchvox as the best in business communications solutions.

Spiffy New Switchboard

Switchvox’s Switchboard has been re-designed from the ground up to have a cleaner interface and provide more information to the user. Here are some of the new capabilities:

  • Layouts can be customized by each user to meet their unique needs
  • The Switchboard now uses tags to manage and view team activities
  • Users can dial via the Switchboard interface


  • Notification alerts can be set for chat sessions, queue wait times, and more
  • The new Switchboard Voicemail Widget allows users to playback voice mail messages

Switchboard Customization

Templates allow you to create a different user experience for each individual, group or by title.  As examples, you can develop individual Switchboards for:

  • Managers
  • Salespeople
  • Receptionists
  • Call center agents
  • Call center managers
  • And unlimited other roles

Improved Contact Management

Switchvox 6.0 now uses tags to manage your contacts. Now you can easily create custom tags for every contact, such as Branch Office, Engineering, and Customer Service. Tags can also be added to lists, which tags every person in that list.

Switchvox 6.0 Integration

Switchvox 6.0 has a robust integration for, no licenses required.  Written using the OpenCTI standard, Salesforce users can now utilize these powerful features directly within Salesforce:

  • Incoming calls are quickly matched with Salesforce records
  • Computers have automatic screen pop
  • Anywhere within Salesforce, you can click to dial
  • Calls are logged directly into the Salesforce customer record

To Learn More

Digium has published a great video on the new Switchvox. Take a few moments and Watch Now!

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