Know Your Hosted PBX Provider Before You Purchase!

Hosted PBX features and options vary by company or provider! Be sure you’re well-informed when choosing a San Francisco-based Hosted PBX provider. Download our In-Depth Comparison: 8×8 vs TeleDynamic for a look at pricing, hardware, data circuits, installation, support, history, references and more.

In this comparison, you will learn:

  • How the TeleDynamic pricing model differs from 8×8 and what all is included without additional fees
  • How the TeleDynamic pricing structure gives you flexibility when it comes to contract duration, renewals, and customized pricing
  • Which hardware is included with the service, including brands and types of hardware
  • What data circuit services including consulting, design, and orders you can expect to support your hosted PBX system
  • What the installation responsibilities are for your team versus your hosted PBX provider
  • How you will be supported after your purchase, including implementation, setup, training, and support
  • How the track record and history of both 8×8 and TeleDynamic can help you decided

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