Is Your San Francisco Bay Area Business Ready for SIP Trunking?

Are you still using old-fashioned analog lines for your business? Did you know that the monthly cost for analog phone service has gone up by 50% over the past two years?

There’s a reason for this. Big phone companies don’t want to be in the analog phone business anymore. It’s old, inefficient, and costly. They’re raising prices to force their customers out. Don’t let the big phone companies take your money!

Replace Your Analog Lines with SIP Trunking!

SIP Trunking VoIP (Internet Protocol) technology means efficient, packet-based voice communications that’s vastly more efficient and much cheaper than old telephone lines.

In This Guide, You Will Learn:

  • How does SIP Trunking pricing work?
  • How existing Internet bandwidth does SIP Trunking take?
  • The best questions to ask a SIP Trunking provider
  • How many SIP Trunks you need
  • The compatibility with an existing office phone system

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