On the 6th Day of Christmas, VoIP Gave to Me…

Six Geese a Laying

Okay, we are now halfway to Christmas with the gaggle of six geese. I frankly can’t think of a worse gift to receive than half a dozen honkers. Even as a replacement for a Rottweiler, you really only need one. So VoIP, give something else to me.

Call Center

The VoIP gift of the day is a charming and efficient call center. TeleDynamic provides telephone system consulting as a part of our business.

Quite frequently we see businesses that do not use technology to handle their incoming calls. Phones ringing off the hook, exasperated employees and frustrated customers are the result. A call center brings peace and order, automatically queueing calls when nobody’s available to answer the phone and distributing the calls to employees in a logical manner. Management can also measure the average time to answer calls, if callers hang up before being answered and how the calls are being distributed.

In the days of the traditional PBX, the call center (or ACD as it was called then) was always an expensive add-on. And if you wanted to add supervisory capabilities that was another charge. Oh wait, you want reporting? Yet another cost.

VoIP call centers have changed that scenario so that professional call centers are affordable for the very smallest business.

Contact us and we’ll quiet down that flock of geese in your sales or service department.

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