Advantages of VoIP

As an owner of a company providing San Francisco Bay Area business communications solutions, the most frequent question I get from customers surrounds the advantages of VoIP:

Is VoIP the right technology for me?

How can my business use VoIP to save money or increase my productivity?

Is VoIP a good business investment for my organization?

In a striking number of instances, the answer is “yes”, VoIP is right for almost every organization today.  

Why VoIP for Businesses

For some businesses, it is due the savings; for others, the value of VoIP is in improving productivity, but for most, it’s about saving money and being more efficient. Here are just a few of the leading benefits:

#1. Improved Productivity:  Today most people have an office phone, a mobile phone, and when they work from home, yet another phone. Each phone has a separate telephone number and voice mailbox. VoIP allows a consolidation of phone numbers and voice mailboxes. Callers can call one number and using VoiP, your phone system can “find you” regardless of location or device. 

#2.  Lower Monthly Phone Bills:  Businesses typically pay too much for their monthly phone service.  To add to that woe, phone companies are aggressively increasing their monthly price for “legacy” analog and digital voice circuits.  VoIP can offer substantial savings over traditional voice circuits and the savings will only grow over time.

#3.  Work Anywhere:  VoIP has been a Godsend to the distributed workforce. Employees can now work from their home, car or customer’s facility, and be connected to their company’s phone system. Calls get handled efficiently and without the caller’s awareness of where the employee is located.  VoIP turns work into an activity, not a location. 

The above are only abbreviated examples of the value that VoIP brings to businesses. In our daily interactions with customers, it’s a very rare company that cannot find compelling business applications for VoIP.

If you have any VoIP business success stories, please add them in the comments below!

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