On The 1st Day of Christmas, VoIP Gave to Me…

My true love dispensed with the Partridge and provided something that I’ve been yearning for years. Scurrying about, especially during the busy holidays, checking my email and voicemail, voicemail and email. It’s enough to make a robot cry.

VoIP Unified Messaging & Unified Communications

With my new VoIP business communications system, I can check my voicemail while checking my email messages, too.  

No more calling into the office to retrieve messages; voicemail messages simply show up as a regular email. When I open that particular email, there is a WAV file that contains my voicemail message. After listening to my message, I can forward it to another email address, place it in a folder, or forever archive it.

It saves me so much time, I now have time to go to the wild game market and pick out the Christmas Partridge of my choice. 

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