On the 3rd Day Of Christmas, VoIP Gave to Me…

Three French Hens

Since we have limited room for livestock here at our office, the care and feeding of three french hens would be problematic.

Switchvox Premise PBX

Rather, my true love suggested the gift of a Switchvox Premise PBX. The system has a very powerful Unified Communications portal called the Switchboard. It provides a phone book that allows you to “click-to-dial” from your computer.  

It also provides a user status function that allows you to see who in your office (and remote workers, too) is on the phone. It’s also the place where you can conveniently check your voicemail messages. It’s fully customizable per user and works on most popular browsers. 

And even better than a three french hen egg omelette, it’s included in the Switchvox system, at no extra charge.  You can see it in action and decide if it’s a useful tool for your organization.  Easy VoIP at your fingertips

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