On the 4th Day of Christmas, VoIP gave to me…

Well, I’ll be darned if I don’t learn something new every day. All these years I thought they were four Calling Birds, but upon further research, the original verse described “Colly Birds.” In old England, a blackbird was called a Colly Bird.

Once my true love discovered that four imported blackbirds would be out of the budget, she figured I’d be better off with a new audio conference bridge

Audio Conferencing System

Our old PBX phone system was only able to support a maximum of three conference parties and to set up a conference call required a manual and several minutes of painstaking button punching.

Using VoIP technology, audio conference calls are now quite easy. We have established a conference room that is an extension of our phone system. Callers simply dial that extension and they can join the conference call. We have also assigned a DID (direct inward dial) number to that extension so outside callers can be given a direct number to dial into a conference. We can create as many conference rooms as we wish. 

We can choose whether we want the caller to enter a security code or just jump straight into the conference. The number of conference attendees is limited by the number of call paths in our system.

Conference calling is no a challenge with this easy VoIP solution. It beats the heck out of a mess o’ imported squawk boxes.

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