On the 7th Day Of Christmas, VoIP Gave to Me…

Seven Swans a swimming…  I hear that swan meat is supposed to be quite tasty and from ancient times to the nineteenth century, roast swan was on the menu for the King’s Christmas dinners and other royal banquets. Since the nineteenth century, the turkey has replaced the swan as the bird of choice for fall and winter holiday feasts.

Call Recording

Alas, the benefits of VoIP gave me the lasting gift of Call Recording. It can be quite a useful tool for today’s business. Here are a few of the favorite uses for recording:

  • Customer service and sales calls for training purposes
  • Conference calls
  • Calls that need to be transcribed
  • Share the results of a call with someone who couldn’t be part of the original call
  • Meet specific regulatory or compliance requirements

VoIP makes call recording easy and inexpensive. As an example, our Switchvox Premise PBX includes the call recording feature as a standard feature.  In past, call recording required a special server and complex integration with the PBX.  No more as it’s a standard business PBX feature as well as an option available today on Virtual PBX.

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