3Com NBX Support – Is It Time To Let Go?

The NBX company was born in 1996 and their first product delivered on the eve of the new millennium.

During the infancy of the system, both vendor and the first customers were brave pioneers. However, the product has proven over the years to be a very well-engineered product with a great PBX reliability record. 

Today, in 2012, we still service a couple hundred NBX PBX’s.  While many of our clients have replaced their aging 3Com phone systems, there are many more who still depend upon the old box. 

“Should I keep my 3Com NBX phone system?”

Assuming it has served your company loyally and reliably, there are as many emotions over these decisions as there are business reasons. 

Here are some of the points that help determine the answer to that question:

Keep My NBX:

  • I don’t want to subject my company and my employees to change
  • I feel comfortable with the risk of a potential failure and loss of communications if the old system fails.  Over the years, my NBX has been rock solid dependable and I expect that to continue
  • Although I could potentially save money by moving to something new, I’m not convinced that the risk is worth it.

Say Goodbye to my NBX:

  • I’m tired of having my phone bill going up every few months.   I continue to pay more and more but I’m getting the same service I got 20 years ago!  I need to move to the 21st century and get the advantages of VoiP. 
  • I don’t feel comfortable in trusting my company’s communications to obsolete technology. I need a solution that is readily supported and won’t fail due to age-related breakdowns.
  • I’m ready to enjoy the substantial productivity gains that a modern business communication solution can provide.

When will I have no choice but to replace my NBX?

That day has not arrived yet, but it may in the not-so-distant future. 

HP purchased 3Com in November 2009.  Shortly after the acquisition was completed, HP announced the discontinuance of the NBX system and notified customers that they would cease all NBX support on July 30, 2012

Your local NBX VAR may choose to continue to provide local support and spare parts or they may notify you that they’ve reached the end of the road.

TeleDynamic will continue to provide NBX support to its customers.

The NBX story began in 1999.  The product was one of the two first VoiP PBXes on the marketplace.   At some point, its rightful place will be in the tech museum. Until then, we’ll continue to serve your needs.

If you are a 3Com NBX owner in the Bay Area and are currently asking these questions, give us a call at 800-729-2310 to get more information. 

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