Extend the Life of Your Old PBX With a Digium Gateway

Stuck in a PBX Rut?

Is your company stuck in a PBX rut? Does your boss have a “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” mentality when it comes to your business phone system?

Do you know in your heart that a more up-to-date VoIP-based system will save your company money, but just haven’t taken the leap? 

If so, Digium gateways could be a great option for you to enjoy the benefits of VoIP-based telephony, without the disruption or cost of installing a whole new system. 

What’s a VoIP Gateway?

VoIP Gateways do one simple, rather mundane thing- convert traditional circuit-based calls to VoIP-based SIP data. Getways connect to your old PBX through the PRI card that’s already in place. Not terribly exciting, we know.

What is exciting is what you can do once a VoIP gateway is installed.

What are the Advantages of VoIP Gateway?

There are four primary advantages of getting a VoIP Gateway. 

Lower Monthly Bills

It costs substantially less to make or receive a phone call using VoIP Telephony. The technology is far more efficient than the old traditional PRI. So, your phone bill will decrease and those savings will only increase over time as the legacy phone companies continue to raise their monthly rates.

Extends the Life of Your PBX

Many companies replace their PBX so that they can enjoy the cost savings of SIP trunking. With a gateway, you can get that same savings without the large capital expenditure of a new PBX. What’s not to love about that?


When you have a gateway, you can order just the right amount of call capacity that you need. You don’t have order them in increments of 23 like the old PRI circuit. You can order call paths (each path supports one phone conversation) in increments of 1 versus 23 for PRI. It’s another way to cut down on monthly phone costs.

Number Portability

With a gateway, you have access to any area code regardless of your physical location. Sales departments love this feature.


So, don’t miss the benefits of moving to VoIP-based systems just because you’re tied to your old Nortel, Avaya, NEC or other legacy PBX. Get the best of both worlds, right now as you ease your way into the benefits of VoIP.

It’s simple and affordable with Digium’s VoIP Gateway.

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