Digium Resellers – A Tight Knit West Coast Team

Value Add is the Operative Word

One of the distinct pleasures in our business are projects that require a high amount of collaboration. Work is more fun when you work as a knowledgeable team to produce a solution your customer is wildly satisfied with.  

There are so many elements involved in providing an end solution that is reliable and provides true benefits to an organization. And it’s the reseller’s job to coordinate, communicate and integrate, without impacting the customer’s business.

There’s a reason why we’re called “Value Added Resellers”!

Every Customer is Unique

Every customer and every project still provides a challenge to us to use our skills and knowledge to add more value.

I particularly enjoy working with other Digium resellers when we have projects that span a larger geographic area. It always presents an opportunity to trade best practices, tips and occasionally find a new secret sauce.

KME Systems Loves Digium!

KME Systems is a full service information technology provider. And our tag line “We do IT so you don’t have to…” is one we live by every day. We always attempt to find the right balance between client requirements, reliability and price. 

No single technology is one size fits all, so helping a client unearth their true unified communication needs is key to a successful project.

And these days we are finding Digium Switchvox solutions to strike that perfect balance. 

Digium Frenemies Unite

Fortunately, Digium has three of the greatest PBX resellers right here on the West Coast. At the risk of tooting our own horn a bit, I feel KME Systems is part of a great trio of collaborative and yes, competitive Digium Value Add Resellers. 

I feel our three organizations, working together, provide a real powerhouse of Digium knowledge and support.

A great part of being a Switchvox dealer is being connected in a collaborative way. Our companies rely on each other to help solve complex client requests and our engineers know they can safely share information they have learned. Sure we compete, but we also cooperate so a customer gets the best support and best solution possible.

For example, over the years, we’ve called Teledynamic and dispatched one of their engineers as they are physically closer to our clients in Northern CA. Of course, my client would pay my team to fly on site, but I trust Teledynamic to treat my clients well and do the right thing. We assist remotely whenever possible, but in emergencies, on-site support is the best.

When we can provide superior customer service and save the client money, everyone wins!

We offer business-class communication solutions with responsive local support

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