Digium Switchvox Brings the Cost Savings

One of the key considerations of any business communiations system is determining not just upfront costs but your total cost of ownership (TCO) over the life of the system. 

With its open source architecture and license-free pricing, Digium brings not only advanced, stable,mature technology but a long term value that’s hard to beat. 

Check out this video that goes through a quick overview of the TCO benefits of Digium Switchvox vs. other IP PBX systems. 

Video Transcript

As we’re wrapping up today’s session, what I’d like to look at, specifically, is diving into total cost of ownership with Switchvox, and really looking at where some cost savings can come when dealing with the system itself. So we earlier addressed telephony cost, now we’re actually going to address system cost and where you can save money with an individual system.

So this is showing comparison pricing between Digium and another PBX provider, and this is, again, just example pricing. And as you’ll note, often times the appliance cost, the user licensing, and the phone themselves – that can be very comparable. Where you’re going to see cost savings is when you’re looking at additional features – or where you might just see nickel and diming occurring is when looking at additional features.

So this is actually showing two systems, compared very like-systems for 100 users. We’re assuming 15-25 users for the other types of features, but otherwise this is the position at hand. And you’re going to see that, again, you’ve got almost $60,000 in savings associated with this particular solution. So, that is something to consider when you’re deploying these types of networks.

For those of you looking at hosted solutions, if you were to take a premises offering for roughly 400 users, and break it down for 5 years. Look what the cost of that solution would be per user, per month, and you can see when you’re dealing with larger systems such as with 400 users, that’s going to be a much lower cost than if you’re dealing with a solution with just 10 users. You can also consider that when you’re looking at competitive pricing as well. So, what do our competitors say their pricing will be, and it can be quite expensive – it can be up to $30 per user for smaller networks.

If you are interested in finding out more about Switchvox and the Digium solution, then we would love to do a personal demo, or set up a personal demo with you, where we can find out what would be the best solution for your network. Be able to show you some of the features and capabilities, and see if that is a solution that would work best for your particular deployment. So if you’re interested in receiving a personal demo, we would love to set that up with you, and you can just simply type in your email address and would be glad to contact you about that.


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