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At TeleDynamic, we get a lot of questions about different PBX servers and the companies that make and support them. Many people want to know what real users and reviewers are actually saying about these products – not just the standard corporate marketing gobbledygook

To help you out, we’ve combed through the web to uncover reviews, forum comments and other (hopefully) objective content to help in your research for the best IP PBX server for SMBs.

Last week we reviewed Avaya IP office 500 and ShoreTel 13. Today we take a look at the Cisco UC320W.

Cisco UC320W Reviews


The first thing I noticed about the UC320W was its WiFi antennas (802.11b/g/n) sticking out the back. Cisco designed the UC320W to not only be your phone system, but your LAN and WiFi router as well, making this a unique converged voice and data platform. Also on the back I noticed 4 Gigabit LAN ports, 4 FXO (PSTN) ports, 1 FXS (station) port (emergency dialing), a music on-hold audio jack input, and a line out (paging) jack. Interestingly, the 4 LAN ports are not PoE. Read More…

From AVECSys

It is much more cost effective (OK, cheaper) than the UC500 series while still including all the features you would expect in a Cisco IP telephony phone system like voicemail, hunt groups, auto-attendant, etc.  This unit is perfect for the average small to medium business. Read More….

From Amazon

We have a Cisco UC320 at one of our offices, and it is solid, working very well the 2 voip providers we have tried. It is still a bit expensive though, so when we opened another office, we did some more research. We tried a trixbox system, and I agree with other reviewer that trixbox is not the way to go. So our VoIP provider, suggested we try their 200 Series PBX. It is half the price of the Cisco, and has a ton of features… voice menus, hold music, call recording, etc. After using both the Cisco and VoIP systems, I’d say they are both excellent. But the price difference is hard to overlook. Give them both a look, and go with whichever one fits your budget. Either way, you won’t be disappointed.Read More…


It may not have seemed like a great idea when Cisco killed the popular small-business-oriented SPA9000 Voice System and replaced it with the more expensive UC320 in March 2011. But the newer system, with its support for up to 24 extensions, GigE ethernet router and WiFi, has turned out to be a very capable performer. Read More…

From 888 VoIP

Read More….

From VoIPSupply

The Cisco Unified Communications UC320 is designed for small businesses, with support for 24 users, 4 FXO ports, SIP trunking, Wireless-N, and 4 Gigabit Ethernet LAN ports. Read More…

How Much Does the Cisco UC320W Cost?

Pricing for the Cisco UC320W is easy to find compared to other systems. It retails on Amazon for about $650. But most likely you will be buying a set of phones to go with it as well. Basic Cisco phones run about $130 a piece on Amazon.

From the Forums

From Telephonation

Got my uc330W the other day under the Cisco NFR program. I purchased 15 phones, the base unit and the ESW500 switch. The interface so far is pretty buggy. You configure the system in one first swoop, then come back in and tweekit to your liking. Every time you change a set of items, you apply the changes. Your are then told that you are out of sync with the base unit and need to close your browser. So you do, re-log in and go. Sometimes you are not told to close your browser. If you fail to do so, your future work is lost until you do. You cannot apply your changes after that first set without logging out and back in to your browser. Read More…


General support forum for the Cisco 300 series. Lots of questions and answers primarily around technical installation, configuration and troubleshooting. Read More…


I just bought a Cisco UC320W.  The online specification are very coy about what phones are supported – doesn’t say “yes” and doesn’t say “no” – though only mention the SPA300 and 500 series phones.  So, I chatted with Cisco pre-sales support, and I was assured they did work with other phones.  I quote from the chat transcript “All Cisco solutions are designed to be interoperable with other manufacturers”. Read More…

From Fixya

My office just installed the CISCO UC320 with the SPA525G IP iphone system. I have no idea why the SPA525G keeps on freeze and the first red light turn on after a while. Once the red light turns on, the phone cannot work. we have to wait for 5-10mins then the light turn off. Any advice? Read More…


Hi, I bought the UC320 from the BT store to use on our business broadband and I’m having trouble connecting it to the WAN. Read More…

From MicroTik

Have an RB750, connected to:
– a netgear unmanaged gigabit switch
– a Cisco UC320W telephony box, and
– a SPA8000 for analogue phones. Internal extensions can make outgoing calls no problem. External callers can call in no problem. Internal extensions can transfer live calls internally with no issue, and call divert to an internal extension works fine too.  However, call transfers, or call divert, to *external* numbers does not work. Silence (is golden). Would appreciate some clues as to where I should start looking for a reason why this is happening. Read More…


You might want to take a look at the Cisco UC320, only problem is I’m not sure if it supports those phone models. Read More…

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