TeleDynamic Communications Compared to 8×8: Equipment

Overview: Even in the world of the virtual PBX (hosted PBX), there are still certain hardware components that are necessary to support a business telephone system.  The following are the components required.

Types of Phones Supported 

8X8:  8×8 sells and supports Polycom and Cisco telephones. They do not support any other telephones on their service.

TeleDynamic: TeleDynamic sells Polycom, Digium and Yealink phones. 

Other telephones, including Cisco and Aastra are supported.  TeleDynamic offers more choices than 8X8 and will support third party phones.

Ethernet Switches

8X8:  8X8 does not sell Ethernet switches

TeleDynamic: TeleDynamic provides a full range of Ethernet switches, from small to large, and unmanaged and managed options.

Voice-Enabled Firewalls & Routers 

8X8: 8X8 sells three firewalls/routers, one by D-Link and two EdgeMarc models.

TeleDynamic: TeleDynamic sells Netgear, Draytek and Peplink routers and firewalls, with several models available from each manufacturer.

Multiple WAN Routers

8X8: The EdgeMarc 250W is the only 8X8 offering that supports two internet connections.  One of the connections must be an ADSL circuit. The product has one 10/100MB WAN connection. The product supports a maximum of ten phone calls. This product is designed for very small offices.

TeleDynamic: TeleDynamic offers dual WAN routers from Draytek and Peplink. Several models are available, matched to the specific needs of the customer. Circuit types supported are Ethernet over Copper (EoC), Fiber, Wireless, and ADSL.  Up to four different circuits can be supported on one device. The connections can be 10/100MB and Gigabit.  TeleDynamic’s offerings are far more diverse and can support much larger offices. On the other hand, a larger 8X8 client is on their own for selecting and installing a router that will support multiple Internet connections.

On-Premise PBX Option

8X8:  8X8 offers no on-premise PBX option. They are a one product company, so regardless of your need, hosted is their answer.

TeleDynamic:  TeleDynamic provides both hosted and premise-based PBX solutions. We have customers who have a PBX at one location (typically the headquarters location) and hosted PBXes at other locations.  Since both solutions use the same SIP technology, the phones are compatible between systems. It’s very easy to move from hosted to premise-based or visa-versa.  We don’t dictate, but rather we provide options. 


8X8:  In a direct examination, it is fairly obvious that 8X8’s offering is simply a hosted PBX. A very good hosted PBX, but only a single product.

TeleDynamic:  TeleDynamic offers a quality hosted PBX, plus the entire infrastructure necessary to support a hosted PBX.   

Conclusion: While a hosted PBX is a pretty simple business communications solution, the data network required to support it is not as simple. 8X8’s approach is that they provide the hosted solution, and the customer and their IT staff or vendor is responsible for providing the required network to make it work. TeleDynamic’s approach is that they can provide any or all of the components and the expertise needed to design a quality, reliable solution.

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