TeleDynamic Communications Compared to 8×8: Internet & Data Circuits

Overview:  At the risk of stating the obvious, a hosted PBX solution requires a data circuit to work.  Unlike the old telephone network, the quality of hosted PBX voice calls is variable, dependent in large part upon the quality and size of the data circuit(s) used to transport the voice.

Data Circuit Consulting

8X8: 8X8 sells hosted PBX solutions. 

They do not get involved in data circuits, other than to make generic statements about providers.

TeleDynamic: TeleDynamic maintains direct relations with the top providers in the San Francisco Bay Area.  TeleDynamic has firsthand experience in such areas as lead times, circuit quality, reliability and provisioning processes for these various companies. Data circuit consultation is an integral part of the overall solution. 

Multiple Carrier Quotes

8X8: 8X8 does not perform this service.

TeleDynamic: In addition to providing expert advice on carriers, TeleDynamic can provide quotes from several providers along with a summary of the pros and cons of each carrier’s offering and final recommendations.

Place & Manage Circuit Orders

8X8: 8X8 does not perform this service.

TeleDynamic: TeleDynamic will manage the entire circuit provisioning process. It’s a very efficient way to handle Internet and data circuit orders.  We talk directly to the carrier and the customer’s IT person or provider about the technical, physical and timing aspects of the installation. The customer doesn’t need to be involved in the day-to-day provisioning process.

Resilient Data Circuit Design

8X8: 8X8 does not perform this service.

TeleDynamic: TeleDynamic typically recommends the establishment of a resilient network with two separate connections to the Internet.  In these days of cloud-based computing (of which hosted PBX is one), organizations cannot afford Internet downtime. TeleDynamic has the technical knowledge and experience to create affordable, resilient networks.


8X8: 8X8 does not get involved in Internet or data circuits or providers. They expect that the customer will provide an adequate network for their 8X8 hosted PBX service.

TeleDynamic: TeleDynamic believes that a quality and reliable data network is the single largest factor in ensuring the success of a hosted PBX solution. As such, TeleDynamic takes an active role in the recommendation, design and implementation of data and Internet circuits. As a total solution provider, we take on the challenges of managing multiple vendors to achieve a common goal.

Conclusion: Customers who want to handle their own data circuit needs can be suitably served by either vendor. In the case where a customer needs help in designing and purchasing a quality voice-ready data circuit, TeleDynamic Communications provides the extra value.

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