TeleDynamic Communications Compared to 8×8: Ongoing Support

Overview: While hosted PBX solutions don’t require as much support as traditional phone systems, there are still times when technical help is needed, whether it’s adding users, changing settings or solving problems.  When you have an issue, you want a dependable support partner.

Tech Support Hours

8X8: 8X8’s current support hours at 5:00 AM to 9:00 PM.PT

TeleDynamic: TeleDynamic’s regular support hours are 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM PT, and their emergency support hours are seven days a week, 24 hours a day.

Tech Support Location

8X8: 8X8 states that their support is US-based, but specifics are not disclosed.

TeleDynamic: TeleDynamic’s support is based in Hayward, CA.

On-Premise Support

8X8: 8X8 does not offer on premise technical support.

TeleDynamic: TeleDynamic provides local on premise technical support, dispatching engineers from its office in Hayward, CA.

On-Premise Product Replacement

8X8: 8X8 will not replace defective product on premise.  Instead, equipment is shipped to the customer’s location and they must physically install the new equipment.

TeleDynamic: TeleDynamic replaces defective equipment by performing an on-site visit where they remove the old equipment, install the replacement equipment and test for proper operation. 

Service Level Agreement*

8X8: 8X8 does not have a published Service Level Agreement (SLA).

TeleDynamic: TeleDynamic provides a service level agreement upon request.Credits are issued if the performance falls below specified thresholds. SLA’s are the “teeth” of service quality promises. If the quality is poor, the vendor is financially punished. SLA’s provide great incentives to vendors to maintain a high quality of service.

  • *A service level agreement guarantees that certain performance parameters are met.  If they fall below that threshold, the customer is eligible for credits on their bill.


8X8: 8X8 provides quality remote technical support on their services. Their “open hours” from 5 AM to 9 PM are generous.

TeleDynamic: TeleDynamic provides an equal quality phone support, with somewhat reduced regular hours compared to 8X8.  However, they best 8X8 with their 24/7 emergency support and their on premise support capabilities..

Conclusion: If a business is comfortable with support being fully delivered remotely and over the phone, both companies do a commendable job of support.   If an organization needs the comfort of having on premise support when the going gets rough, or requires a Service Level Agreement, TeleDynamic Communications is the only choice.

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