Teledynamic Communications Compared to 8×8: References & History

Overview:  Moving your business communications to the cloud can be a bit scary as the providers are not recognized names. As this industry is relatively new, there have been some providers who’ve failed. It’s important to choose an organization that is profitable, has a good reputation and is in the business for the long haul.

Years in Business

8X8: 8X8 was founded in 1987.

Teledynamic: Teledynamic was founded in 1979.


8X8: 8X8 is a profitable, publicly traded company, with its revenues solely derived from selling its hosted PBX.

Teledynamic: Teledynamic is a profitable privately-held company with diversified revenue sources including hosted PBX, premise PBX, and SIP Trunking.

Local References Providing On Premise Visits

8X8: 8X8 cannot provide visits to existing customers.

Teledynamic: The majority of Teledynamic customers are in the Greater San Francisco Bay area. Many of their customers welcome visits to see firsthand how the service works and share their experiences in working with Teledynamic.

Yelp Reviews

8X8: *** Customers give 8X8 a three star rating.

Teledynamic: **** Customers give Teledynamic four star rating.

Better Business Bureau Annual Complaints (2012)

8X8:  25 complaints registered.

Teledynamic:  No complaints registered.


8X8:  8X8 has been in business for a considerable period of time, is profitable and is stable.

Teledynamic: Teledynamic has been in business for over 30 years, and also is profitable and stable. 

Conclusion:  Both organizations seem to be well-run companies in the business of providing hosted PBX services. Teledynamic has the edge in that they are substantially more highly rated by customers, have a broader product line, and being privately-held are less driven by short term profits.

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