RingCentral vs. TeleDynamic: Installation

Overview:  While implementation of a hosted PBX is less complex than a premise-based PBX installation, there are still many tasks required to deliver a quality hosted business phone system.


RingCentral:  RingCentral ships telephones to the customer’s premise and relies on the customer to do the installation.  Remote support is available upon request. 

This support is based outside of the U.S. for installations of less than 10 phones, and U.S.-based if 10 or more phones are being installed.

TeleDynamic:  TeleDynamic delivers all equipment (including data devices) to the customer location and installs and tests the equipment to confirm proper operation.  Any remote support necessary is provided out of its California office.

On-Premise Installation Services

RingCentral:  RingCentral does not provide any on premise installation services. 

TeleDynamic:  TeleDynamic provides a full turnkey installation of its hosted solution.  This includes an advance site inspection of the customer’s network to confirm that it will support a hosted PBX. TeleDynamic works with the customer’s IT person to assure the data network is properly prepared in advance.  All telephones are provisioned and tested prior to delivery and installation. 

Data Equipment Installation

RingCentral:  RingCentral doesn’t provide data equipment installation services.

TeleDynamic:  TeleDynamic installs and tests all data equipment that is purchased unless the customer chooses to do their own installation.

Voice & Data Cabling

RingCentral:  RingCentral doesn’t offer data or voice cabling services.

TeleDynamic:  TeleDynamic provides full data and voice cabling services.  They have a wide range of services from complex structured cabling down to single cable runs. 

Vendor Site Meetings

RingCentral:  RingCentral does not have the capability to attend vendor site meetings.

TeleDynamic:  TeleDynamic schedules and participates in meetings at the customer’s location if required. Typically those participating are from IT, the cabling company and outside contractors who collaborate on the implementation process and to resolve the inevitable technical challenges. 

Carrier Site Meetings

RingCentral:  RingCentral does not have the capability to attend carrier site meetings.

TeleDynamic:  TeleDynamic frequently arranges meetings with the data carrier(s) to ensure the circuit is delivered to the proper location and is properly tested after delivery.  This avoids hosted PBX installation problems due to improper preparation.

Customer Premise User & Administrative Training

RingCentral:  RingCentral doesn’t provide on premise training.

TeleDynamic:  TeleDynamic offers on premise user phone training and administrative training as part of its hosted PBX implementation package. 

Resilient Voice/Data Network Implementation

RingCentral:  RingCentral does not offer voice network resiliency products or services.

TeleDynamic:  TeleDynamic provides complete turnkey resilient and redundant voice and data network implementation services. 


RingCentral:  RingCentral’s business is selling hosted PBX services.  Any equipment necessary to support that service is handled by the customer or their IT vendor. RingCentral does offer phone support (U.S or foreign-based depending upon customer size) to support the installation, but ultimately the customer is responsible for the implementation process.

TeleDynamic:  TeleDynamic implements its hosted PBX as a turnkey project for which they are fully responsible.   As such, they are in charge of coordination and meetings between the various vendors and providers, scheduling, testing and migrating to the new hosted PBX solution.   From the basic job to the complex hosted PBX installation, TeleDynamic will guarantee a successful turnkey solution.

Conclusion:  For the customer with a voice-ready network and a voice-competent IT staff, and who has the resources and time to manage the project, both RingCentral and TeleDynamic are quality providers.  If a customer needs a complete solution with the implementation process handled by the service provider, TeleDynamic is the better choice.

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