TelePacific Increases the Price of Business Phone Lines

The Rising Price of Business Phone Lines

As we shared with you in a previous blog post in early March 2015, AT&T announced big price increases in their business phone line services. When AT&T raised the prices of analog & PRI circuits it triggered their competitors to increase their prices, too. Why? Well, in the San Francisco Bay area, there is only one provider who owns the copper wires; that provider is AT&T. AT&T must sell their services to the CLECs (Competitive Local Exchange Carriers) on a wholesale basis. When there is a price increase, they have to raise the price to their wholesalers, which means a higher cost for CLECs, too. Essentially, yes, – they simply pass along the price increase. This is exactly TelePacific has done.

TelePacific Business Phone Line Price Increases

Within the last few weeks, TelePacific announced rising business phone line prices in the San Francisco Bay Area. Customers will begin to see price increases included in their April 2015 monthly phone bills.

How to Combat Business Phone Line Price Increases 

This blog post should not be construed as an “I told you so”, but rather a plea for you to pause and consider that these skyrocketing phone bill costs are beginning to take a financial toll on your company. Maybe it’s finally time to throw in the towel and join everyone else in tossing out the old phone company.

There is hope. As a business phone line customer, you’re able to add SIP Trunking to your existing phone system, which replaces your current telephone circuits. The benefits of SIP Trunking are innumerable but include major cost efficiency, the subject of this blog post.

Another option that you may consider pursuing is to convert your current phone system to a Virtual PBX. While it may seem like an arduous task to convert, TeleDynamic makes it easy these days. We’re local, we’ll hold your hand, and we’ll make it a breeze.

In either event, the rising price of traditional business phone lines should be a solid motivator to finally make the change, as traditional phone pricing continues to soar for San Francisco Bay Area businesses. Yes, expect another blog on this topic next Fall or early Spring – the price increases will not stop until everyone converts.

Years ago, TeleDynamic sold phone systems. Now, we are in the business of saving customers on their San Francisco business telephone service. Business communication solutions where everyone wins, except the phone company. We like our business a lot these days, as we are putting smiles on our customer’s faces instead of feeling guilty about having them write us big checks. Let’s talk!

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