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The Virtual PBX, which many people refer to as Hosted PBX or Cloud PBX, has now been in the business mainstream for several years. You may now be reaching the point that you are out of contract, you’re experiencing VoIP problems or are just looking for a San Francisco Business VoIP provider comparison. Much has changed since business VoIP first arrived in the market. Or maybe you are unhappy with certain aspects of your cloud phone system provider and need to change your Virtual PBX provider.

Poor Customer Service: Is your provider offering quality and timely support? Are the support representatives knowledgeable, courteous, and efficient? Many cloud phone system providers have outsourced their customer service to third parties, sometimes located on the other side of the globe. Also, some providers are growing their sales faster than they are growing their customer service and support capabilities.

No Local Support: While cloud phone systems have been a great advancement in communications technology, there is still the occasional need to have a telephone or data engineer visit your premise. With voice now combined with data on one network, a change in one can cause issues with the other. While remote troubleshooting tools are great, they can’t replace an on-site visit. You might want to move your Hosted PBX service to a local business VoIP provider with whom you have a personal relationship versus someone half way across the country.

Too Expensive: We’ve seen many instances where customers are paying a premium for their hosted phone service. While we never advocate finding the cheapest price, paying a fair price is just good business sense. Some providers start out at a low price but slowly raise prices over time. Or maybe your virtual PBX provider jacked up your price after your contract expired, and you are now paying an inflated month-to-month rate. It’s easy to do a VoIP comparison.

Changing VoIP Providers is Easy

In the days before the Virtual PBX, you had to make a large capital investment on your business phone system. To justify your investment you needed to keep the system for a long period of time and buying a new system because the phone system vendor had poor service was out of the question.

Today, with a cloud phone system, it’s much easier to make a change. First, virtually all VoIP services for business use an industry standard SIP telephone so you can keep your phones and simply change providers. Popular providers for business VoIP phones are Polycom, Yealink, and Cisco. Those phones will work on almost any cloud phone system out there.

Remember too, that in a cloud PBX solution the PBX hardware is in a data center so you don’t have any expensive premise-based equipment to replace. You merely need to have the new VoIP provider program your phones to recognize the new VoIP system and move your phone numbers to the new provider

Conclusion: A Virtual PBX is a business service, not an asset. While it has many advantages over the old business phone system, it doesn’t mean that you can forget about it. A Hosted PBX review from time to time helps keep your expenses in line and customer support at an acceptable level of quality.

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