SIP Trunking is Better Than PRI

There isn’t much debate about which phone delivery system provides better features and reliability going into the future. SIP (Session Initiated Protocol) Trunking is widely heralded as a better option than PRI (Primary Rate Interface). As CarrierBid puts it,”PRI represents the traditional Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) while SIP represents Voice over IP.”

All of us will have to move away from the PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network) soon and into the modern era. As we’ve written before, the FCC is considering mandating the PSTN out of existence by 2018 at the request of the big phone companies. 

Early Fears about VoIP vs. PRI

When VoIP was first being sold, there were concerns about call quality. SIP Trunking was distributed by smaller companies who didn’t have ownership of a network or supply the customer’s internet connection. As a result, call quality was not always reliable.

But that was then, and this is now. Carriers like TeleDynamic offer all-in-one voice and Internet solutions so call quality is clear, concise and reliable. SIP Trunking also offers better fail-over options for businesses that have fears about their phone system crashing. It also provides a much easier path to upgrading your phone system to hosted. 

SIP Trunking Saves

The cost of phone calls for VoIP vs. PRI are considerably less, saving your business money on its communications. By putting your telephone system onto your data network for high-quality voice communications, you could realize savings up to 50% on your monthly phone bill.

Other Features SIP Trunking Has Over PRI:

  • Free local and office-to-office calling
  • Total number portability – choose any area code
  • Disaster prevention/recovery options 

SIP Trunking: More Phone Lines

One interesting fact about the PRI is that it only allows for 23 call paths. If you needed 25 for your business, it would require you to buy another PRI meaning you would have 21 more than you need, and definitely not be getting the most out of your investment. 

SIP Trunking allows for customization that fits the size of your business. Whether you need 13 call paths or 39 call paths, SIP can be configured to your exact needs.

Now is the Time to Switch from PRI to SIP Trunking

Established telephone companies (AT&T, Verizon, TelePacific, etc.) are quickly shifting to data/wireless markets and ridding the world of old fashioned phone systems along the way.

Truthfully, these old phone circuits are too expensive to keep alive anyway. This is why the big phone companies have increased their prices, and started to tack on all types of fees and surcharges.  

If you compare your old phone bills, you’ll notice a trend – it’s costing more and more. Because these big phone companies are losing money, you’re having to pay for it! What can you do? The answer is using the TeleDynamic SIP Trunking solution

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