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At TeleDynamic, we get a lot of questions about different Virtual PBX companies. Many people want to know what real users and reviewers are actually saying about these services – not just the standard corporate marketing gobbledygook.

Last week, we gleaned reviews on Volcalocity.

Today, we take a look at one of the bigger players in the Virtual PBX industry – 8X8 Inc.

About 8×8, Inc.

8×8 was founded in 1987. Their 2012 revenue was around $86 million. Their headquarters are located in San Jose, California. 

8×8’s typcial customers are small to medium sized businesses, although they do service larger companies as well.

Their main product in the Private Branch Exchange (PBX) 8×8 Virtual Office, is a Virtual PBX phone solution with a multitude of features, specifically designed for small to medium-sized businesses. 

One advantage that 8×8 has is that they own, design and test all their new technology in-house.

8×8 Inc. Reviews on Yelp

-“We have tried them all and up until 8×8, all have failed. 8×8 is hands down the best virtual VOIP phone provider. Period. Their tech support is very good, although they aren’t always reachable after hours. We deal with tech support all the time for all of our client’s providers, and I have to say that 8×8 does a very good job. Their iphone/android app is worth about what it costs – free – but all of their other features work great.”

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– “Third major challenge. Batteries for companion cordless phones (6757i CT) are no longer “supported” for the very expensive phones I bought last year. The problem is they only last about two months. The manufacturing flaw was disclosed when replacing the first set after only a few months of use, and I was assured they’d stand behind the system by replacing the batteries for free until the problem was resolved.   So much for integrity (saying what you’re gonna do then doing it). Strike three…. I would NEVER recommend 8×8 and will seek an alternative provider.”

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-“We signed about two weeks ago for a business account in Oakland with 5 phone extensions. So far, so good. Their technical support and customer service is pretty good. They are very attentive, polite and actually have the answers to solve problems. No running around or excuses. We have been pleased thus far.” 

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8X8 Inc. Reviews on WhichVoip.Com 


8×8 Inc. Reviews on Top Ten Reviews

“8×8 offers good VOIP calling plans, with plans that include unlimited minutes, free in-network calls and select international calling to Puerto Rico, Canada and other countries. The service also provides a mobile app that enables you to turn your smartphone or tablet into a VOIP telephone. 


8×8 offers useful support resources, including user guides, manuals, FAQs and direct support via email and telephone. 


 The service has one of the highest cancellation fees of any service we reviewed.

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8×8 Inc. Reviews on VoIPInfo.Org

The Good: 

Reliability–they are always there. Support–they are quick and do just what I asked them to do. Price–no one beats their price.

The Bad: 

Their international call rate is not the cheapest, but close. None other than that.

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The Good: 

Established Provider US Based Customer Service

The Bad: 

Company harvested emails of my customers and is spamming them. Company double charges ports on web meetings, making a 15 port account receive overage charges with as few as 8 participants. Price is 3x other options. I was a customer in their first six months in the VOIP business in 2005 and have rejected them because of the deterioration of ethics and service I experienced, and that the people I recommended 8×8 to experienced.

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